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Q: What is Delta Hog Fest?

A: If you have to ask… Delta Hog Fest

Q2: Did you say DOOR PRIZES?!?!?

A2: YES!! Thanks to: SlopShop Southern Customs, LowBrow Customs, Woodruff Wildlife Management & others.

Q3: What’s this I hear about an AFTER PARTY!!??

A3: I dunno what you heard, but meet us at the Campgrounds for great fun after dark! Primitive Camping at Piney Creek is only $15 for one night (or $25 for both!). Enjoy Responsibly. Don’t Drink and Drive…we want you to make it back to see us next year!

Q4: Where can I sit at Delta Hog Fest?

A4: We figure you’ll be busy break-dancing 🕺, but please feel free to bring a lawn chair or blanket and settle in for a great day in the Mississippi Delta spring!

Q5: Can I bring my (cooler, dog, AK-47, jug of Wild Turkey, etc.)

A5: NO COOLERS, NO PETS, NO ASSAULT RIFLES, NO OUTSIDE FOOD. We have a stack of bills to pay for putting this together. You won’t find cheaper festival beer anywhere. Please buy from us and help us bring Delta Hog Fest back next year. Thanks 😀

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